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Difference between Laravel and Codeigniter

Laravel vs Codeigniter ?

Laravel vs Codeigniter – More than four years experience with Codeigniter PHP framework, we believe in learning, set up and working on it , thats all pretty easy. Even our jr. developers are able to impress the skills necessary for scheduled delivery, from a business view point, which is Gainful. It is hard for me to move to a unique framework if I don’t have a good reason to do it.

So Codeigniter is dead??

To tell you the honest, I thought that actually Codeigniter will die oneday but this will simply never happen. Why?
1. The Big community will never allow Codeigniter to die! You really cannot realize that how many people are using Codeigniter(CI) for small but also large projects right now.
2. It is sufficiently stable and tested from various users. This means that even if a new version have something unsafe (e.g. 2.0.3) I am sure that the users have already mentioned it & solve it. If you don’t care about customize the core of CodeIgnter for fixing small bugs that’s fine.
3. It is actually well documented. I think is the top documented framework that remain in PHP right now.
4. Very simple to use even if you don’t know about MVC planning. A really good start especially for beginners that only used pure PHP to their projects as I was one time before using CodeIgniter.
5. Really zero configuration to start working with CodeIgniter.
6. CodeIgniter 3 is promising more stability and more efficient unit tests.

Overtime, though we perceive that perhaps a PHP framework that is latest with a lot more flexibility regarding a structured coding pattern with reach for applications that we provide to perform better is required. In a nutshell, this is the cause behind the switch over to the Laravel (PHP framework).

Laravel vs Codeigniter – Laravel is a PHP web application framework (open-source) based on MVC architecture. The framework was generated & maintained by Taylor Otwell since June 2011. The safe feature of Laravel is cause in taking appropriate activity as & when there is a infringement in security. The syntax patterns of Laravel are meaningful & elegant. The reason behind the quick emergence of this framework are:

Laravel vs Codeigniter

  • Class autoloader.
  • Modular packaging with melodist based dependency manager.
  • Eloquent ORM, the proceed active-record-pattern implementation
  • Query builder as an another to Eloquent ORM, for direct access to the database.
  • Support of database platforms plus MySQL, PostgreSQL, and SQLServer.
  • RESTFul state power over controller methods.
  • Blade tempting engine, easy to flexible.
  • Quick automation with the inbuilt authentication mechanism, caching mechanism, strong routing features, & session control.
  • IO component to control requests and responses.
  • Artisan command-d along with easy codes line interface.
  • Unit testing support.
  • considerable documentation.

The documentation of Laravel is detailed and across with sample codes, it’s simple to learn the technology. There are totally a few other successful PHP frameworks that the developers have been using over the years, like Zend,Codeigniter, Yii, CakePHP, Symfony and many more. Each of these type of frameworks has a reputation & have established themselves in the industry.

The question is that, why should we even consider Laravel?

Well, the purpose is not to compare frameworks and notice, which one is better. Rather, the focus is on the situations that would cause a PHP developer or a web development company to move to a different PHP framework platform like Laravel.

Wikipedia has mentioned that, “according to a March 2015 developer’s survey on PHP frameworks popularity, This Laravel was listed as the most popular PHP framework of the year 2015.

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