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how php is different from other languages

Why PHP ( The PHP vs Giants)

Before we get into between php vs others war let us understand what php can do &what php is not capable to do. To start with PHP is a rapid or quick application development language especially designed for websites & web applications.Then there comes the big questions this is
PHP is the best solution?
Why choose PHP?

These are the reason why php is so popular:

Quick or Rapid Application Development
Cloud Ready
Open Source
Loosely Typed
Platform Independent
Let Us examine all of these feature Why PHP is better then other languages.

Quick or Rapid Application Development

In year 1970 to 1990 computer technology was widespread only in research centers & universities where programmers struggled to decrease 1KB of memory usage for months we know it may sound a little exaggerated. but it was a actually back in those days when computer technology was develop from ground up.Now the wheel of technology has grab up a turn, personal computers has behaviour a revolution a computer in every home.But the maximum number of programmers required to meet the ever increasing the number of applications is insufficient & their development time is much important as compared to computer resources that is 1GB of ram which is so affordable now-a-days. PHP is a dynamic elucidate language which thus reduces programmer’s time to compile & deploy.

Cloud Ready

As PHP was designed for the web & cloud is the image for the Internet dispensable to say PHP is a client server based Cloud Language. So Many big Cloud Service Providers provide PHP hosting in their environment.

Loosely Typed

Learning PHP is too easy unlike the complex languages & it doesn’t mean without complexity you cannot make a large applications. In fact the first principle of software engineering lies in presenting accessibility. When learning PHP you don’t need to take care of float’s it is handled by PHP Dynamic typing that automates alloted of data types to your data structure.

Open Source

No organization can maintain PHP is theirs.Coz PHP is a pure open source, The complete code of PHP is open & anyone can use it free of cost thus. Many learner ask me if Security would be a problem then, to them this is the equal thing as you or any developer doing your work solo in a room & in an open environment watched by thousand others.

Platform Independent

PHP is really platform independent where developers can note their programs on a windows machine & run it on a Linux machine.The ability of Platform independence also does not come at a cost of production.

Let us learn whether these features are given by other languages

PHP vs Java

Java promote the whole day with its Platform Independent Write Once Run Anywhere (WORA) mantra but programmers know it is not fully achievable & has serious performance drawbacks. PHP on the other hand is Platform Independent & compatible with a whole series of Web Servers. PHP is a clear Winner here in the race of Java vs PHP. While you need to type & compile every java program & php programs are dynamic in the sense code can be checked lively on a hot site.

PHP vs C# Dot Net

C# dot net (.net) is closely limited to Microsoft’s Patent strategies & thus is never free nor platform independent.It is just not also cloud ready as its only brace on Azure platform & programming without Visual Studio, then the programmers become handicapped.

PHP vs C++

No Pointers, No Data type checks, No collection needed .If you are one of the few who thinks that learning programming should start with C then you might wrong. thus PHP is a very very good starter. On the other hand C++ cannot be used to develop good web applications so far.


PHP is the winner vs All Languages to end the Why PHP debate. Learining or study a new language is always give advantage & to have PHP in your toolbox it will always serve you a better advantage. And to add to it as I say always

Note – Don’t Marry with any language, fall in love with Technology


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