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Point of Sale System Basics for Retailers

For Businessman, the ka-ching of the cash listing has long been the bang of music. But today the cash listing of even the small business may be attached to a computer via "point-of-sale" POS system software. These systems have develop in acceptance over conventional cash registers Coz they don't just ring up sales. They gather vital, real-time information about your description & customers.

Difference between Laravel and Codeigniter

Laravel vs Codeigniter - More than four years experience with Codeigniter PHP framework, we believe in learning, set up and working on it , thats all pretty easy. Even our jr. developers are able to impress the skills necessary for scheduled delivery, from a business view point, which is Gainful. It is hard for me to move to a unique framework if I don’t have a good reason to do it.

10 Best Programming Languages To learn In 2017

In the software IT development industry, new technologies are appear in a fast-paced manner. Staying ahead in the technical market is very important for every developer, programmer, moreover as the movement in programming are the same as in the other profile industries, with changing certainty and new best programming languages for the next few years years.

The Challenging Open Source Projects Face Today

Looking back at the last few years of open source Projects software, there’s certainly a lot to be proud of. The field of FOSS has Control many obstacles and dispelled opposing views. It has eventually proven its value and made open source the majority’s preferred process of software development.

Library Management System (LMS)

We provides Library Management System (LMS) which is too easy to use & fulfills all the requirement of a librarian. There are too many features which helps librarian to keep records of all available books as well as issued books. This software is available in web-based or local host based Mode. We are providing best Library Management System LMS of this planet.

Differences between MVC and HMVC

Codeigniter, an open-source software web framework, is being widely used in building dynamic websites with PHP. A powerful PHP framework with very small footprint, Codeigniter helps developers build full featured web applications. It is loosely based on the model-view-controller (MVC) development pattern. MVC an architectural pattern separates the application logic from presentation and permits web pages to contain minimal scripting. The MVC development pattern was developed when the concept of web applications did not exist.

User Management System - Web Project Builder

User Management System is an authentication feature that enables an administrator with the functionality of managing the users in the network and their personal profiles. It includes giving ability to the administrator to register users, manually log out users and control the applications they can access. A PHP + MySQLi powered PHP script built under the Codeigniter Framework.

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